Body Art - How it is Sold Through Dropshipping Suppliers

Body art is one that involves the human body. When sold to clients, the human body is not included but only serves as advert. It is important for a client to understand what the product is, and that they are not like other products which can be counted quantitatively. Body art is all in the mind of an artist.

Sometimes called body painting, body arts have different forms. Painting and tattoos are the most common ones. In political protests, painting is used in order to gain attention. The following paragraphs will describe the product and informs the clients how they are sold through drop shipping suppliers.

Body arts are commonly used on kids or jesters. This art involves painting the whole face or the whole body for the purpose of entertainment. They don't damage or harm the skin of the wearer. When the products are sold, they include packets giving instructions on their proper use and some suggested designs that may be copied. A tattoo kit includes inks and a tattoo machine, among others.

Clay and other pigments are used by tribes of Papua New Guinea. Wet charcoal, huito and annatto are used by natives of South America. Henna is used by the Middle East and India. What the clients purchase are the different dyes used in body painting. They can be simply drop shipped by any supplier.

Body art is the most ancient form of art. If the painting is only on the face, it is called face painting. If it involves more than the face, it is called body painting or body art. Body art is still worn during ceremonies in most tribalist cultures. The brides of India and the Middle East wear body arts during wedding ceremonies.

Our movie actors and actresses around the world continue to do body painting today. They use the gentlest form of face paints known today as cosmetics.

Well-known drop shipping suppliers of body arts products will take the job readily and will not even pose a question as to the mode of shipping the client requires. Dropshipping this kind of product is a common activity for them and selling the products is a usual business.

Body pH - The Key to Cancer and Other Serious Diseases

If you have been diagnosed with a serious illness that is advancing, you may not have a lot of time to make adjustments in your lifestyle to save your life. It is a very tough decision to go the chemo, radiation and surgery route. If you ask most doctors if they would go the cut, poison and burn route if they were faced with cancer, a lot of them would say no.

There are many instances where people have changed their lifestyle, their diet and got more exercise, only to find their disease is in remission. You should consult with your health care professional to see if what I am going to tell you will work for you. I am not advocating you do this alone or that you make rash decisions.

Very strong factors that cause cancer are body acidity, toxicity, dehydration and low oxygen levels. Usually they go hand in hand. Lifestyle and diet contribute to most of the problems, although prescription medication can play a large part as well, as most 'drugs' are highly acidic forming in the body. You can acquire toxins from foods, from water, from the air, the environment and your workplace. You can even become toxic from using hair dyes and cosmetics, in addition to household cleaners, new carpets, paints and furniture. Body acidity can also come about by simply not drinking enough water.

How you got in this condition is a result of lack of understanding of what happens to what goes in your mouth and what you can absorb through your skin. After all, once it goes into your mouth, if it's not poisonous, it should be OK, right? Not necessarily. Your blood and your brain are what keep you alive. They both need to function within a very narrow range of pH. If your pH slips out of that range your body tries to go through a checklist of drastic measures to return the pH to balance. Over time, the body can exhaust itself trying to keep healthy and gradually the body becomes sick. The acidity causes irritation and inflammation which becomes chronic. The oxygen levels drop as the acidity rises. Cancer grows very nicely in an acidic body, thank you very much.

Logically, then, if cancer grows in an acidic body is should stop in an alkaline body. Right! By alkalizing the body, and keeping it that way, lumpy things stop growing and start shrinking. In simple terms, alkaline foods, combined with alkaline, ionized water will reverse your acidic body condition and keep it like that as long as you eat and drink alkaline.

You can buy pH test strips for your saliva and your urine from a health food store. Tear off a one inch strip, spit into a spoon and dip the end of the pH paper into the spoon. Now compare the color of the test strip to the color on the package. Your saliva pH should be no higher than 7.4. Some medical practitioners say urine pH seems to be a more reliable test for overall body pH. It should be no higher than 6.9 pH.

Just eating alkaline foods takes much longer to swing the body pH into the neutral/alkaline range. If you want to alkalize your body much faster and you don't have access to alkaline, ionized water you can boost your pH with several options. You can get some food grade hydrogen peroxide (35%)and put 3 drops in a 12-ounce glass of water and take it three times a day. Gradually work up to 5 drops of hydrogen peroxide three times a day. Keep taking the hydrogen peroxide in water until your tests are normal.

To boost your pH you can also take a coral calcium, liquid calcium supplement or pH drops and put drops into your drinking water when you drink. You should drink 1/2 to 3/4 of your body weight in ounces of clean alkaline water every day. You should also use a transdermal magnesium with the calcium to help the calcium dissolve in solution and absorb into your body.

Another way to boost your pH in a hurry is to mix two parts of baking soda and one part of potassium bicarbonate. Mix one teaspoon of this mixture into 12 ounces of water and drink it at bedtime. In the morning, test your urine pH and if your pH is over 6.0, continue to take this mixture at bedtime every night. If your urine pH is still below 6.0, mix 1 1/2 teaspoons of the bicarbonate mixture into 12 ounces of water and drink the mixture at bedtime. Monitor your urine pH closely as it will gradually rise above 6.0, at which point you should cut back on your bicarbonate mixture. Please check with a qualified medical professional before beginning any self treatment.

Our society is starved for minerals. Since most people don't eat a lot of organically grown vegetables they don't have a strong buffering system that kicks in to keep their body more on the alkaline side. Their alkaline reserves are low enough that there is not enough to store for the next use. Without adequate minerals in reserve, the body cannot compensate for excess acidity from the diet or metabolic processes. The higher the acidity in the body, the higher the risk for cancer and other chronic diseases.

The buffering systems of the body use minerals to balance pH, notably, calcium and magnesium, in addition to sodium and potassium. The body also uses large amounts of sulfur and phosphorus in metabolic processes. Trace minerals are important in metabolic processes as well but they are used in smaller amounts.

The Wide Body Supersport Panamera With Body Kit and Porsche Rims

Although it has created both positive and negative comments from the automotive enthusiast community and general public, the Porsche Panamera has been quite successful throughout its production run since the middle-2000s, and has even resulted in a new generation of models. The outgoing generation of the Panamera offered a great blend of luxury and capability along with the sporty character that the German automaker is known for with their automobiles. One British aftermarket tuning company is now offering customers a new upgrade kit that adds an even sportier character to the exterior and ride thanks to a new wide body supersport kit and new Porsche rims, along with a custom-tailored plush interior to suit any taste imaginable.

The four-door coupe styling of the Panamera gave it a sleek profile and more athletic look than other luxury sedans in the segment. The engineers and designers at the British aftermarket company decided to take advantage of this by creating a new body kit from a mix of carbon fiber and polyurethane with an OEM quality fitment that emphasizes sport, power, and performance even more.

The new wide body supersport upgrade kit starts out at the front where a new fascia with integrated LED daytime running lights in the air intake vents and a new spoiler lip generates downforce at the front axle while adding a touch of style. A new pair of front fenders extends outwards by a total of 80 mm and houses the new Porsche rims while also incorporating front and rear vents for better airflow. A set of side skirts run towards the rear where they are met by another pair of extended fenders at the rear axle with air vents. The enlarged fenders blend into the new rear bumper that features a new diffuser and exhaust outlets. A new rear trunk spoiler similar to that of the 911s creates downforce to keep both of the rear Porsche rims planted on the pavement.

In terms of performance, the British team installed a new sports suspension system along with a new stainless steel exhaust with special design. The suspension lowers the overall ride height by a total of 15 mm for better overall handling dynamics. The factory wheels and tires were both removed for new forged Porsche rims in a wider 9.5 x 20 front and 11.0 x 20 rear setup with corresponding sports tires and a slick matte black finish. Behind the wheels are newly painted gold brake calipers that contrast the black finish of each wheel.

Customers have a wide range of options with the Panamera when it comes to the interior. Special leather with a quilted design can be installed with soft alcantara on the seats, dashboard, doors, and console areas. New carbon fiber trim pieces, custom-tailored clocks, along with colored gauges can be installed as well. The British company will also build any type of special accessory for customers.